Meera is an excellent resource!
— Tedx Speaker

"Meera coached me through the delivery of my first TedX talk. She's a calm, confident guide who took me from juggling notecards to confidently delivering my talk off book a few hours later. She's patient and kind, but wasn't afraid to push me where I needed it. It's clear that she's an expert in helping folks prepare, streamline, and give great talks. If you need help becoming a better speaker or preparing talks, Meera is an excellent resource!"

Best Career Investment!
— City Planner

    "Best Career Investment! I was asked to give a presentation in front of a City Council meeting for a project I was working on. I had zero public speaking experience and contacted Meera for some coaching and help cleaning up on my presentation. Her experiences helped me organize my thoughts and her advice on calming my nerves was extremely helpful. Meera definately prepared me for a successful presentation."

Meera Manek Rocks!
— Personal Fitness Instructor/Certified Nutritionist

    "I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Meera Manek to anyone seeking an accomplished professional speech writer and presentation coach. How often have you listened to speeches that sound formula; unexciting tired faintly amusing rehashed and dated messages. I certainly have had my fill! 
    Each speech and presentation crafted with Meera’s help will come alive with up to date flair and significance. Because Meera communicates well and has exceptional skills in the distinct technique of speech writing, your speeches and presentations will authentically express your own unique style and personality. 
    Meera is inspiring, creative, patient and has a terrific sense of humor. Because of her exceptional guidance, I have continued to present award-winning speeches and presentations. Meera Manek rocks!" 

It is rare that you meet someone who is as genuinely as good of a person as Meera.
— Digital Marekting Professional

    "I have been in awe of Meera's ability to confidently command a room when speaking since the day I met her. The ability to captivate an audience’s attention across any platform is a skill that often takes years to develop and Meera has proven success delivering commencement speeches, ghost writing for respected politicians and public officials, and during a solo comedic gigs. It is rare that you meet someone who is as genuinely as good of a person as Meera. I have been so fortunate to work with her on many projects and experience her professional talent first hand, but her friendship and dedication to those she comes in contact with is her greatest gift. Personally, Meera has coached me through many job interviews and important business meetings that have helped grow my confidence professionally. I credit a lot of my professional growth to her and her feedback. Meera is an asset to any organization and I highly recommend her for any project, speech, consulting, or coaching project you may have."